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HR Analytics with TalentScored

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Are you looking to attract high performers and retain them in your organisation ? There is a war for talent out there.

Prime Consultants developed an HR Analytics SaaS or Cloud solution, called TalentScored, to identify and score High Performers based on their CV, application letter and LinkedIn page.

Obviously there are different types of High Performers, and you want to be able to identify the ones who match with your organisation and culture.

TalentScored can help you with that and more. You will be able to identify and score a number of competencies and soft skills of each applicant, as well as your internal workforce.

You will be able to match your job profiles with all incoming applications, and automatically score the best match in terms of skills and performance.

For more info, visit our TalentScored website. Alternatively, leave a message on our Prime Consultants contact page or send an email to

TalentScored has been founded by Rudi Princen.