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The Prime Eco-system

11Prime Consultants is part of the Prime Eco-system which is a large network of (sometimes niche) service providers we have worked with in the past and we recommend in a number of specific technology or business areas.

Most often these companies have been founded and are managed by people we have closely worked with in the past and trust for their top quality services.

A number of these companies are:

- Krios, is a result oriented consultancy organization which advises and implements financial solutions. Krios’ SAP consultants are experts in the FiCo domain and their finance consultants deliver high value to the client’s finance community.

Data Shift assists organizations in retrieving added value from their data. Their objective is to solve problems or create a competitive advantage for their clients, to shift their clients towards effective decision-making.

MSG Global Solutions is a global IT-consulting and integration company specializing in insurance, reinsurance, banking and food solutions.

- Hilango provides consulting services in the domain of HR Tranformation (HR organisation design, HR Process adaptation, HR system selection and implementation)

- Entrust Group: IT & Online services, solutions and investments for start-ups and growth companies

- Synthetron: a Belgian and international provider of a proven and established communication and collaboration platform which enables organisations to rapidly gather feed-back, comments, opinions and decisions from thousands of participants, be it employees, partners or clients

- TalentScored: a spin off from Prime Consultants providing innovative software for identifying High Performers in the recruiting process helping HR departments to quickly identify whether candidates applying for a job match the required hard and soft skills for the position.

Together we form the Prime Eco-system, and have a large top quality resource base to service our clients.

Request Prime’s advice and help in any business or IT area as the Prime network is vast and is very much quality oriented.