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Prime Consultants is a network of self employed IT and Business consultants in Belgium, who have been working at premium brand consulting companies, and have excelled and distinguished themselves on important IT or Business projects.

03The Prime Consultants network was created in September 2014, when 10 self employed consultants decided to associate, and offer a platform for high quality consulting services at a fair price. The Prime Consultants network is rapidly growing. The Prime Consultants network already counts over 35 people (May 2016).

As Prime Consultants have been working at top consulting companies for a long number of years, they have the expertise and the drive in proven project methodology, and are highly specialized.

Above that, Prime Consultants have been selected for their professionalism, expertise, motivation, responsibility, quality drive and goal getter mentality.

If you need ad hoc advice, or you need to staff short term or long term missions, Prime Consultants can be your partner.

Prime Consultants is also part of a broader eco-system, the Prime Eco-System, composed of small and medium sized niche companies, founded and run by consultants we have worked with, trust and recommend, each in their specialised niche domain. The Prime Eco-system now counts over 250 consultants in a broad variety of business and IT domains.

Prime Consultants is the network of High Performers.